To my beautiful stylish shoppers,

My name is Brenda, and I’m currently live in New York City. Thirty years ago when I was a teenager I moved from Vietnam to Chicago, Illinois, where I lived until moving here last year.

Growing up I was fascinated by fashion, beauty, and classic style.  Although during my early working experiences in a trading environment and while working in large at international bank, I did not think as much about style and fashion daily; the passion for style and fashion remained. When shopping, I’d work to put together outfits that not only easy, stylish, elegance, and affordable, but were classics and would last for many years. Don’t get me wrong, sometimes I do buy trendy items just to have fun with fashion and dress in colors, but my core wardrobe is built to be timeless.

Then the lockdown of the Covid-19 pandemic put everything in perspective, and I began thinking actively about my passion for fashion.  I started putting my thoughts together and Brenda Boutique was born.  At Brenda Boutique, the items are meant to be stylish and easy.  You can change shoes, add necklace, earrings, and lipstick and what was comfortable and easy for the office is ready for drinks and dinner. 

As time progress, the store reflects more on my taste, and style on fashion. So as this new year I decided to change the store name from Brenda Boutique to BTK COLLECTION.

As the owner of this e-commerce shop, I put myself in your shoes. So, the styles that I select need to be easy, elegant, versatitle, and great classic styles.