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Little Black Dresses - Part 1

Little Black Dress. Reading this word must have brought some black dress to your mind. And why not? This term tops all the fashion trends even today. 

Little Black Dress has an intriguing history. It became popular after World War II when women of that era wanted to dress more sophisticatedly and elegantly. Popularized by Vogue and designed by Coco Chanel, Little Black Dress became a sensation among women when it was featured in the 1900s. That Little Black Dress embraced the curves of the American actress Greta Garbo. 

Eminently abbreviated as the "LBD," it has long been considered an iconic classic and a closet staple for many, including celebrities. It is credited with being one of the most versatile pieces of clothing that can be worn on almost any occasion without looking like a misfit. LBD made the color black the standard fashionable color and gave rise to the phrase “... is the new black.” The best feature of an LBD is that it can be dressed up or down, making it a versatile go-to outfit for any occasion and look flattering on various body types. 

To flaunt your curves, it's essential to understand your body shape and select a little black dress accordingly. For slender body shapes, a tight-fitting dress will do the magic. It’ll show off your curves and make you look taller. Whereas for a plus-sized body, you will want to choose a loose-fitting dress with a lot of fabric. 

With that said, let’s look at 5 mesmerizing Little Black Dresses that’ll do the magic for you.

Black Sheath Dress

The Nicola Sheath Dress has a plunged-notch neckline, a perfect blend of glamor and sophistication. The plunging V-neck accentuates cleavage and helps to create the illusion of a longer torso giving you a taller look. Moreover, it helps to shift the focus from the width of the chest, creating a svelte silhouette. This dress is adorned with contrasting shiny and soft velvet accents like a velvet belt at the waist and bands on the neckline and cuffs to give it a luxurious touch. Elbow-length sleeves and mid-line length of this dress are the representation of sheer sophistication. This dress is reinforced with thin shoulder pads, removing sloppiness and giving you a confident look. Whether getting ready for a party or a board meeting, add accessories with a black tote hand-held bag, pearl drop earrings, and stackable bracelets to complete the look.  Of course, don’t forget your classic double-breasted wool coat and you will be right in the spotlight.

Black Lace Midi Dress

'Elegance is the only beauty that never fades'- Audrey Hepburn. 

Glisten the eyes around you with the elegance of the lace dress. The intricate, decorative open design, The lace, has been in style since its existence. The lace dress is a timeless trend that is draped in feminine charm. The elaborated coveted lace details not only look beautiful but also elevate the prestige of your look. Spruce your style with this button-down tiered black lace dress and confidently flaunt graceful attire. 

Even Though this Lace dress is designed for spring-summer casual style; however, I believe it can be worn for any occasion, depending on the styling. Layer your dress with a front-open short leather jacket for a rock look or a long beige color shrug for a breezy evening party. Look pretty with a little black lace dress.

Black Leather Shirt Dress

If standing out from the crowd is your motto, then a faux leather dress is right for you. Exuding uniqueness from every angle, this faux leather button-down shirt dress has many eccentric features. Offering the glamor of leather without being cruel to any animals, this cute little black leather dress is animal friendly. It is designed by combining two attires, formal and informal, the shirt's sophisticated collars and the dress's flattering flare. Mediating between these two is a waist-cinching faux leather belt, perfectly rendering a smaller waist look. The lantern sleeves emit the romance you need to balance your look with sturdy leather. 

Pair it with black ankle-length boots, and prepare to rock the world.

Black Joia Dress

Velvet is the insignia of romance and luxury. With an amazing depth of rich black hue, this alluring off-shoulder fuzzy velvet dress offers a push experience of splendor and indulgence. Besides the velvet fabric, faux fur accented cuffs bring a lavish feel. The shiny gold zipper along the length of the dress at the back is an exciting element that adds glamor to your look. Stitched in color block side panels design, It accentuates the shape and structure of your body. 

Coupled with diamond stud earrings and black high heels, this off-shoulder velvet dress is perfect for a high-end party.

Black Mini Sweater Dress

A little black dress with ruched puffy short sleeves and crew neckline creates an illusion of an hourglass body shape to have a spot-on look. Helping you stay warm in fall and winter, the fabric of this mini dress is a cozy blend of nylon and viscose. While adding elegance, this bodycon sweater dress seamlessly contours the curves down your body. 

Slip into this comfy dress for a relaxing hangout with friends or pumped-up parties. Style your look with heeled boots in white. Add a small horseshoe necklace, and carry a black rectangular clutch, and you're ready with your infallible look.

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