Little Black Dresses - Part 2 - BTK COLLECTION

The Ultimate Guide to Little Black Dresses

Little Black Dresses need no introduction. These unbeatable dresses win whenever they come face to face with another dress in wardrobes. The popular Little Black Dresses have persistently made their way to millions of hearts and wardrobes. And being the most versatile color, black has proven its supremacy in fashion. All these make Little Black Dress (LBD) a wardrobe staple for the connoisseur of fashion.

Like a fashionista, if you’re also on the quest to decorate your wardrobe with the LBD, you’ve landed in the right place. We have listed the elegant choices for Little Black Dress you can't say no to. Let’s have a look.

Embellished Sheath Dress

Want to rock an event? Some diamonds would be just fine to do that, be it in jewelry or dress. Shine like a diamond with the rhinestone embellished neckline of this sheath dress. Tracing your curvaceous silhouette, this form-fitting ensemble adds diamond-like sparkle to an office party or a housewarming party, or any other occasion. The embellished round neckline outlines your beautiful neck. Stretching just above the knee, this sleeveless dress tops the versatility by being chic and sophisticated both at the same time. The waistband in the middle notionally corresponds to the natural waist, further enhancing the curves below the waist. Pair it with the clear strap-heeled mule sandals.

Velvet Wrap Dress

In a world full of average, be the exception with eccentrically designed dresses adorning your wardrobe. A velvet wrap dress in combination with the smocked skirt graced by the romantic ruffle details on the hem is the uniqueness you need to outshine others. The volume of balloon sleeves creates an illusion of a balanced silhouette with a loose top and fitted smocked skirt. The skirt's smocked patterns trace the alluring curves down the waist with the comfort of elastics. Glamourize your look with the comfy fuzzy velvet for a romantic date night, and let the eyes around get stuck to yourself. 

Ivy Dress

Want to puff up with glamour in formal attire? Get yourself an enchanting notch-neck Ivy Dress for your next office party. Made from stretch ponte, this sleeveless dress ensures you feel comfortable for long hours. With the seamless design throughout, it smoothly turns into a flared hemline giving you a mermaid shape. Perfect to be worn all year round, this fashionable ensemble can take you from desk to dinner without pushing you into the pit of dilemma. 

You can simply change your accessories to turn this office dress into a party dress. Pair it with black-heeled sandals and hoop earrings. A shiny black sling bag would be a nice addition too. Layer it with a blazer to keep your warmth around on colder days, and you're all party-ready. 

Smocked Bib Satin Dress

Flare up your positive thoughts with the Smocked Bib Satin Dress. Embody the grace of frills on the top piece decorating the closed neckline. This midi dress illustrating long puffy sleeves and maximal flare from the bosom to the knee gives you a comfortable space to unleash your inner diva. Walk like a runway model in white strappy stilettos at the party and top as the topic of discussion among people with this dress's lustrous, smooth satin fabric.   

Use a belt for a change and accentuate your waist for a new look for the next party. Complete the look with a lovely crossbody handbag, and you’re ready to be the talk of the party. 

Caroline Dress

The list of LBDs cannot be completed without a classic fit and flare dress. The most versatile A-line dress, the Caroline Dress, suits most body shapes. This lovely little dress smoothly glides on your curves, giving out a flare at the hem. It has a golden zipper inset at the back to get this lovely dress to fit you seamlessly. Accoutered with faux fur, the sleeves grab the attention of people surrounding you and focus it on your graceful hands. 

The elegance of this dress will attain a new height when it is paired with beautiful black heels and a handheld bag. 

Upgrading your Wardrobe?

Seasons change throughout the year. This change expects your wardrobe to be ready in terms of the seasons and the fashion. However, with the short lifespan of fashion trends, it becomes hard to keep track of all of them. Does this mean your wardrobe should be left uninspired by the latest trends running and in line?

Of course not. Leave no stone of fashion unturned with BTK Collection. Trailing the new trends in fashion from dresses to accessories and everything in between, BTK Collection is here to keep you and your wardrobe updated for all the trends having their moments in today’s lit time.